LDAP, allow only one security group to log

i want to know if it’s possible to allow only certain security group to log into kibanna with LDAP.
Actually when i put my ad root tree (DC=domain,DC=com) in userbase section it’s work , but when in tried to specified all the path to my security group (CN=mysecuritygroup,CN=Users,DC=domain,DC=com) i can’t log in.
Thanks in advance.

@ouvo Have you had a look at a ticket here?

Does this work for your use case?

@Anthony Yes i have already look at this ticket, and it doesn’t help me because he just modify authz section and don’t update the auth part.
I seen this threads who talk about same problem :

@ouvo There is already a ticket raised for this on github might be a good idea to update it with comments why the various workaround methods are not sufficient. Might add more traction to the issue.

you may want to setup authz with ldap

check this out.