Kibana LDAP login


Is it possible to configure Kibana to use LDAP to login? I was able to configure elasticsearch security plugin to use LDAP, but can’t see how to do the same for Kibana and I haven’t been able to find any documentation to say yes or no.

If it’s not possible at the moment, is this something that will be planned for the future?


Hello sirfraz!
It’s possible to connect Kibana security plugin to an LDAP. Just follow the documentation.
I think the documentation can help you :

Right now, I only tried to do authentication. I have no idea how to manage to do Authorization, give permissions from LDAP. Didn’t find enough information in documentation.

Hope I helped.

Hi ThibaudF,

Thanks you pointed me in the right direction!! I had followed that guide to get elasticsearch ldap configured and working, but missed a couple of steps, one was the the “skip users” config for the local users and I had a cert error. After fixing these, I can successfully login to Kibana using ldap credentials :ok_hand:


For others that land here the new documentation link for skip_users configuration to ignore local accounts is listed below. Previous link for documentation of LDAP configuration is broken.