Large sample dataset for OSD for demo purposes

Hello. I was looking to see if anyone has found some cool dataset sample that could really showcase the awesome visualization of opendashboard. I know there’s smaller datasets available in OSD by default but they’re small. I’d love to have a larger 100GB-500GB one that can showcase the speed and indexing.


If there’s a API with live data I can use to ingest, that would be awesome. Real-time data would even be cooler.


Hi @jordanoliver - there’s lots of options out there that may or may not be of immediate use. Sometimes large datasets are available in some other format - being able to write some code to transmute them into ingestible json will definitely come in handy.

That said, here’s a few resources that I keep going back to myself:

The AWS Data Exchange can give you access to some free apis and data sets:

Sometimes the right search on GitHub can yield some neat projects:

And something I only recently learned of and haven’t had a chance to try:

Hope that helps!