Kibana Tables without subbuckets

Have fields Fname (first name) and LName (last name). The input to these fields has been swapped in some places. Need to create table where the columns are independent and not subbuckets.

@Parag can you share more details about what your use case is for creating a table? Please provide an example of the data if possible.

have table based on 3 fields

  1. First name (Fname),
  2. Last Name (Lname)
  3. Attendance.
    due to in correct data entry for some entries first name and last name have got inter changed.
    when we create table, the 2nd column is always sub-bucket of first column. which is what i want to avoid. both columns have to be independent.
    Similar to what can be achieved when you add fields under discovery, except that metrics cannot be managed in discovery.