Kibana - Request Timeout after 3000ms


We are using Opendistro 1.0.2 (Kibana 7.0.1) and we are getting the error below in kibana log a few times during the day.
We had already change the values below on kibana.yml and restarted kibana, but the error persists showing the same value “3000ms”, it seems that kibana is ignoring the new parameters.
Is there something that we are missing?

elasticsearch.pingTimeout: 15000
elasticsearch.requestTimeout: 30000
elasticsearch.shardTimeout: 30000
elasticsearch.startupTimeout: 5000


‘kibana: {“type”:“log”,“@timestamp”:“2020-07-18T12:18:13Z”,“tags”:[“status”,“plugin:elasticsearch@undefined”,“error”],“pid”:74837,“state”:“red”,“message”:“Status changed from green to red - Request Timeout after 3000ms”,“prevState”:“green”,“prevMsg”:“Ready”}’

Thanks in advance!