Kibana Calculated Metric

I’m looking for Calculation metric field plugin in AWS Kibana. Would there be possible to integrate this plugin through Open Distro for Elasticsearch?
Reference: GitHub - datasweet/kibana-datasweet-formula: This Kibana plugin allows calculated metrics on any standard kibana visualizations.

[I see this is your first time posting - welcome @Bharat.elmech!]

I notice you say “AWS Kibana” - it’s unclear if you mean Amazon Elasticsearch Service - if so then it’s a straight “no, you can’t.” Are you self managing or using Open Distro as a service?

Thank you kyle!

At present we’d like to develop ELK stack for our reporting purpose. Therefore we’re thinking of Amazon Elasticsearch - Provided we need the calculated metric field in Kibana.

In case, if the Amazon Elasticsearch isn’t a solution, then I’d request you to help me with any alternative, please!

It doesn’t look like that plugin is doing anything super magical - can you achieve this in the aggregation or via scripting?

This plugin helps us to create direct metric formulas on top of the aggregations. Painless scripting fields wouldn’t provide this feature, as per my knowledge. :S