JVM memory usage increased after updating to 1.12 version

Hello everyone,

After upgrading our environment from Open Distro 1.11 to 1.12 version, we are facing issues regarding the JVM memory usage:

The heap usage seems to grow with no reason. The environment resources remain the same before and after the update.

Are there any known issues about this or breaking changes that may cause this behaviour?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Phandora we have fixed some performance issues in the latest 1.13.1 version, could you try that version here: Redirecting to /for-elasticsearch/


Hi @zhujiaxi!

We have been checking the changelog for 1.13.0 and 1.13.1 versions and we have not found any issues related to the heap performance.
Could you give us more details about those performance issues?


Hi @Phandora,
You can reference this issue on the performance issue we fixed in 1.13.1.

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