Json parse exceptions beginning with OS 2.11.0

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):

Just upgraded to OS 2.11.0 from 2.8.0

Describe the issue:
Using the opensearch Python client library and the helpers.bulk function to index documents, however ever since upgrading to OS 2.11.0 nearly ever file I try to index gets the below error:

" RequestError(400, ‘json_parse_exception’, 'Illegal character ((CTRL-CHAR, code XX)): only regular white space (\r, \n, \t) is allowed between tokens"

These are the same files I was able to successfully index using the same ingestion scripts, same additional Python libraries etc in OS 2.8.0. Did something change with OS JSON parser? Or how can I make sure to escape CTRL characters?

Not sure if matters, but using Pandas to chunk the files and bulk upload. Again all libraries, scripts etc have remained unaltered. OS also has no new settings, etc. Only change in environment was upgrade


Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

Got the same issue.
OS version 2.11.0, opensearch-py==2.3.2
Any workarounds?

@Dalador @jthomas87 Did you have a look at this GitHub issue?