Jenkins gradle-check always failed when make Pull Request

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When I make a Pull Request (already create issue and DCO passed), the gradle-check in Jenkins always report failed, but I cannot found any error infomation in detail in log.
merge target branch is main.
more screenshot is in reply (I cannot paste them all in topic because new user limit)

the PR link is:


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additional screenshot:

additional screenshot 2:

you have to look at the “console output” of the jenkins build to see the errors:

as you can see there the spotless check failed (just search for “FAILURE” to find the message - it’s nearly at the end). i.e. the check wants you to re-format your code a bit.

you can run the command ./gradlew spotlessCheck for faultlessness in the terminal in your directory, if the build fails, run the command./gradlew.bat :spotlessApply, and then run ./gradlew check