JCenter Build issues

What’s the problem?
JCenter, which is a repository used in our builds, ceased operations today. Gradle was pulling dependencies from JCenter, and some repos have a direct dependency on it. This broke that the build process for OpenSearch engine, all branches so that the last successful build of 1.3 was at 7:03 AM PT Jan 12th.

What’s our state of the build for core right now?
Gradle has been issuing updates today, and as of 3:00PM PT Jan 12th we are able to build Main. However, 1.0, 1.1., 1.2, 1.x. had a direct dependency on JCenter, so we have cut PRs to remove that dependency. These are affecting our BWC tests as well.

Are any plug-ins affected by this?
Yes. Anyone who takes a direct dependency on JCenter will need to remove it (similar to the PRs in core above).

This is a list of Repos that reference JCenter. That does not necessarily mean the build is broken, but we still need to go through and remove the reference.

Anomaly detection

We are in the process of cutting issues into each of these repos cut off the main issue.

Where can I track the issue, and what is the eta to close?
[Distribution Build Failure] JCenter Build issues - OpenSearch Could not resolve org.apache.maven:maven-model:3.6.2. · Issue #1456 · opensearch-project/opensearch-build · GitHub is the main issue (please feel free to comment there with questions). Main and 1.2 are already fixed and we expect all branches to be building normally by the end of the day January 13th

UPDATE 2022-01-14
We have mitigated the dependency on JCenter - the 1.x, 1.2, and main branches are now building correctly.