It is possible to explode a string in opensearch?

Hello there!

New to Opensearch here. I was simply wondering if it is possible to explode a string in opensearch the same way I could do in SQL for instance…

The classic example being a document with a variable containing topics codes separated by a delimiter such as

document    topic

Then, I would explode this variable (depending on the SQL language this can be done with a LATERAL JOIN or EXPLODE) to create three rows from that document, one for each topic.

document    topic_exploded
doc1        ALERT
doc1        INFO
doc1        MARKETS

Is this something that can be done in Opensearch? I saw the split processor page but I am unsure how would that work and whether it would return the data as expected.

Could someone please let me know?

For instance, one classic use-case would be to count the number of documents in the data for each topic. This would be some kind of aggregation but based on a split of a text variable. Can we do that in Opensearch?