Issue with kibana multitenancy when enabled with ingress

I am using kibana security plugin 1.9.0 and have enabled multitenancy. I have ingress enabled in cluster. With this, after selecting a tenant in Tenants Tab through SELECT button and then navigating to any screen (visualize/dashoboard screens) from sidebar menu in kibana getting error as below saying 404 not found:

I observed that the url is getting reformed when I select from sidebar menu after selecting a tenant from SELECT button, the server.basePath specified in ingress section gets removed from url.
For eg. the url before the issue: https:///ingresspath/app/kibana
After following the above sceanrio, the url becomes: https:///app/kibana

Please have a look and suggest.

I’m on 1.12 AFAIK the url should be /app/visualize not /app/kibana/ . I have no clue but I’m wondering if you are using some proxy and you have server.rewriteBasePath configured as false when it should be true.

@Pratiksha Could you share your config files? (elastic, kibana and config.yml)

Hi @pablo
Please find below multitenancy configuration done.
Elasticsearch config:
multitenancy_enabled: true
server_username: kibanaserver
Kibana config:
opendistro_security.multitenancy.enabled: true
elasticsearch.requestHeadersWhitelist: [ “Authorization”, “securitytenant”, “x-forwarded-for”, “x-proxy-user”, “x-proxy-roles” ]

Any update on this. Please check.

PFB multitenancy configuration in elasticsearch and kibana section:
Elasticsearch config:

Kibana config:

We have server.rewriteBasePath set to false in our case, as kibana is behind a proxy (ingress) and it does the rewriting correctly. We see all pages redirect correctly.
Except the case , when from multitenancy page we select a custom tenant and move to dashboard/discover/visualize tabs from sidebar menu, it strips off the base-url.

I have looked into the security-kibana-plugin code -

There is something done specifically in multitenantcy.js to avoid not found errors for dashboard/discover/visualize/timelion pages. - is this causing this selective behaviour for these pages?
Please have a look on urgent basis and respond.
Thanks in advance.