Ism rollover for multiple aliases and for alias filter


  1. Can I rollover multiple aliases of the same index ?

    I have an index with multiple aliases (my-alias-01, my-alias-02,…), and I want all of them to be rollover.
    Can I do something like that in my index template ?

    "plugins.index_state_management.rollover_alias": "my-alias*"

    I tried that, and there was no rollover occurred. Is something like this supported ?

  2. It looks like the rollover doesn’t take alias filter into account.
    For example, I create the following index with alias for rollover :

    PUT rollovertests-000001
      "aliases": {
        "rollovertests": {
          "is_write_index": true,
          "filter": {
            "term": {
              "timestamp": "1574641891142"

    After rollover, I check the index. Both rollovertests-000001 and rollovertests-000002 indices contain the alias but without the filter.
    The most weird thing is that the alias filter was removed even from the originally created one in rollovertests-000001.
    This looks like a bug. Is it ?

Thank you.

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I have created github issues.
For item (1):

For item (2):