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I have some tasks in ISM for a data stream index showing the status “Action timed out.” How should I troubleshoot this? Who could be the bottleneck?


three master with heap 30gb
~82 data nodes with heap 30gb
cluster green
300 shards per node, only primary shards, the cluster currently has no replicas.
The cluster contains both small and large shards.

  "action": {
      "name": "rollover",
      "start_time": 1711446415032,
      "index": 0,
      "failed": true,
      "consumed_retries": 0,
      "last_retry_time": null
    "step": {
      "name": "attempt_rollover",
      "start_time": 1711446415032,
      "step_status": "condition_not_met"
    "retry_info": {
      "failed": false,
      "consumed_retries": 0
    "info": {
      "message": "Action timed out"
    "enabled": false
  "total_managed_indices": 1

Could you show the settings, mappings, and alias of the managed index? Maybe you can try to rollover that index manually to see what happens, or enable debug logs for ISM to check the details:

PUT _cluster/settings
  "persistent": {
    "": "DEBUG"

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