Is there a way to dynamically add "Create an index pattern" for open dashboards?

Open Dashboards “Create index pattern” using an API or some sort of hack?

Any pointers in the right direction would be of great help.

Thanks for asking, @mugambi_k ! I went to find the documentation on this subject, and I was shocked when I couldn’t find it either!

I shall file a documentation update on your behalf and see if I can’t find an engineer who knows the answer to your question.

Thanks again!


I found a hack solution below:

Seems to work ok for now.

POST .kibana/_doc/index-pattern:<index-name>
  "type" : "index-pattern",
  "index-pattern" : {
    "title": "index-*",  ---> pattern to match index
    "timeFieldName": "execution_time" ---> Time field

The best is to use the dashboard API (Kibana API)

I’m using it to create both indices, visualizations and dashboards