Is Keystore and Truststore works with Opensearch dashboards

Сan we use keystore and truststore to setup ssl for opensearch-dashboards?
Unfortunately I didn’t find any information

@Melok Are you referring to OpenSearch username and password or server SSL certificates?

SSL certificates. Keystore instead of X.509 PEM certificates and PKCS #8 keys in opensearch-dashboards

@Melok I understand that you’d like to use something like server.ssl.keystore.path available in Kibana?

Yes, is Opensearch can this?

@Melok According to Elastic documentation that option accepts PKCS#12 files.

I didn’t find anything in regards to server.ssl.keystore.path in either Opend Distro or OpenSearch documentation.

However, I’ve created PKCS#12 file using my existing OpenSearch Dashboards client certificate and keystore.

openssl pkcs12 -export -out keystore.p12 -inkey opensearch_dashboards.key -in opensearch_dashboards.crt

Then used the below settings in opensearch_dashboards.yml.

server.ssl.keystore.path: "/usr/share/opensearch-dashboards/config/keystore.p12"
server.ssl.keystore.password: "<keystore_password>"

OpenSearch Dashboards started successfully and I was able to login to OpenSearch Dashboards with no issues.