Is it possible to get http.max_content_length in OpenSearch cluster hosted on AWS?


I would like to get max_content_length to limit the size of the bulk request I am sending to AWS Opensearch.

For this I am planning to programmatically extract value of max_content_length from the json response of GET _cluster/settings?include_defaults API.

When I invoke this API in my local Elasticsearch installation I am able to get http.max_content_length in the response body without issues.

But when I run the same API on AWS Opensearch, I cannot see http.max_content_length in the response body.

Is there something else I should do to get the max_content_length in AWS Opensearch? Should I use another API, or is there another way I can achieve what I need?

I am also aware there are limits based on instance types in AWS, and there are some settings already managed and cannot be changed. But I just need to read the max_content_length and will NOT be updating it.

Version we are using is AWS Opensearch 7.10.2.

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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