Intermittent Connection Timeouts and "No Living Connections" Issues with AWS OpenSearch

Hi everyone,

We have hosted our Elasticsearch using AWS OpenSearch service with the following configuration:

  • Instance type:
  • EBS volume size: 150 GiB
  • Provisioned IOPS: 3000 IOPS
  • Provisioned Throughput: 400 MiB/s

Our setup includes 3 data nodes and 3 master nodes, with around 15 indices and a total of 30 shards (1 primary and 1 replica per index).

We have 14 applications connecting to the cluster using the npm Elasticsearch library (version 16.0.0). However, we are experiencing intermittent connection timeouts both from our applications and the Kibana console. During these periods, we also encounter “No living connections” errors.

Could anyone guide us on how to resolve this issue?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Ganapathi Subramanian