Installation instructions for Production - Need Clarity

The document I was referring to : Cluster formation - OpenSearch documentation, and I was trying to do the same 4 node setup for production.

I believe the instructions are spread across many places and its hard to follow, and leaves lot of questions open. For example, it refers the page (Redirecting…) as prerequisite, but the docker compose file provided as example for “multi node setup”, sets up multiple docker containers in the same machine.

  • How does it works for a 4 node setup ?
  • Is multi-node setup using docker-compose is really a multi node ? Its a confusing term.
  • The other method (single node) is referred as for “local developement”. If we were to use this method, and use multiple nodes to create a 4 node cluster, the steps needs more details how where to save the config file, index data etc so it does not goes away when container goes down.

As the only way to setup production OpenSearch cluster is using docker, it helps a lot if you provide steps specifically just for production setup. I missed the RPM installation big time.

As long as the nodes can see each other then your cluster will form (or should!).

The documentation is definitely a work in (constant) progress - specific feedback for documentation can be left on this repo GitHub - opensearch-project/documentation-website: The documentation for OpenSearch, OpenSearch Dashboards, and their associated plugins.

FYI - RPM install is coming in 1.1 :slight_smile:

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