Index-management gradle tests failing

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
Master branch of index-mananagement repo

Gradle Version : 8.1.1
OS Info : Windows 10 10.0 (amd64)
JDK Version : 11 (Eclipse Temurin JDK)
JAVA_HOME : C:\Users<user>.jdks\temurin-11.0.21

Describe the issue:
Following the developer guide, I have setup the ism project on my system, using IntelliJ Idea IDE.

From the command line, I am trying to run integration tests, the same way as suggested in point 5

./gradlew integTest -Dtests.class=*RestChangePolicyActionIT -PnumNodes=3 --stacktrace

I have tried to pass the name of the class in following ways:

  • -Dtests.class=*RestChangePolicyActionIT
  • -Dtests.class=RestChangePolicyActionIT -PnumNodes=3
  • -Dtests.class=*{RestChangePolicyActionIT}
  • -Dtests.class =org.opensearch.indexmanagement.indexstatemanagement.resthandler.RestChangePolicyActionIT

For all these cases, the failure is same that the class could not be found in the project.
But the class is present in the project at src/test/kotlin/org/opensearch/indexmanagement/indexstatemanagement/resthandler/RestChangePolicyActionIT.kt.

Can someone help me with the right steps to execute these test classes?

Relevant Logs or Screenshots**:
(shared above)

I am still facing this issue. Any pointers on this would be highly appreciated.


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