Increase dashboard visualization report download limit

Hi all,

I’m trying to download dashboard visualization CSV data

I’m using metricbeat where it is updating network devices every few seconds and has thousands of documents.

However, When i download I see that I can download only 18,000 documents, whereas my requiremeng is about 75,000 to 80,000 documents for a day.

I came to know we can increase limit by increasing RAM size.

Any way or setting to increase document download limit?

Can i change in opensearch build settings or code so that I can download more documents.

Hello @sandy381!

Could you provide some insight on your setup? Are you running the executable? Then attempting to download the reports OpenSearch Dashboards?

Do you know the response size in bytes of the 18k documents provided? You might be hitting a limit set by the OpenSearch client.

cc: @CyberGod