Including fields not working

Hi, I’m trying to include only specific fields in role, when i specify fields, get an error
{“statusCode”:500,“error”:“Internal Server Error”,“message”:“An internal server error occurred”}
but exclude work well.
Is it a bug, or I’m doing something wrong? Thanks

Open distro 0.8

the same in open distro version 0.9

Hi @ogulman,

I am not able to re-produce the issue you have mentioned here.
I am able to include fields while creating or editing the role.

I am running OpenDistro version 0.8 on a mac using docker.

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hi @hardik-k-shah,
The problem was that I specify an asterisk (*) in index.
Now I add needed index in Index Permissions

And specify that index in DLS/FLS, and after that including fields works well.

Thanks for help!

However, Document Level Security Query didn’t work in my case. For example, I want to except Security logs:

Could you please explain what I’m doing wrong, thanks a lot.


Do you still have this issue? What ODFE version are you currently running?