HTTP Api Request to identify if the deployed ELK is OpenDistro

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I’m implementing a basic Kibana Client in my application to GET and POST Kibana dashboards. But the people who use our software can use official ELK deployments or OpenDistro ELK Deployments (AWS for example). Is any API Http Request available to check if the deployed cluster is OpenDistro or is the official ELK?

Something like:


That returns something like:

    "version": "OpenDistro-1.9.0"

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curl https://‘node-in-the-cluster’:9200

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I know that, but there is nothing in the response which differentiate a ELK cluster with an OpenDistro cluster. I’m searching for some api path which return different information if it is OpenDistro.


The output shows the build flavour. Is that not enough?

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I will try to compare the result of the build flavour with the OpenDistro AWS Service and a deployed OpenDistro on premises and see if I can see something in common :slight_smile:

Thanks. I think at the moment it is enough


Yes! The build flavour is enough! Thank you very much. @tony