How to use Standalone plugin offline without internet

Hi Team,

Elasticsearch version: 7.7.0
Kibana Version : 7.7.0
OpenDistro Plugin Version:  (Job scheduler)

I do not have internet on my Server so I installed manually and put on my external path but I am getting below error. Please suggest how to do achieve this.

[root@/usr/share/elasticsearch]# sudo bin/elasticsearch-plugin -v install /root/SWIFT/
→ Installing /root/SWIFT/
→ Failed installing /root/SWIFT/
→ Rolling back /root/SWIFT/
→ Rolled back /root/SWIFT/
A tool for managing installed elasticsearch plugins

Non-option arguments:

Option Description

-E Configure a setting
-h, --help Show help
-s, --silent Show minimal output
-v, --verbose Show verbose output
ERROR: Unknown plugin /root/SWIFT/

Any help here? Also, I tried on the server having internet. I can see Alerting tab but it was not opening even after 30 minutes. Buffering was keep on going.

Please suggest it is urgent.

Hi Khushboo,

It looks like you need to specify the path to the zip file as a file:// URL, not just a path name.

Try “sudo bin/elasticsearch-plugin -v install file:///root/SWIFT/” and see if that works.

See Custom URL or file system | Elasticsearch Plugins and Integrations [8.4] | Elastic for more details.

Thanks camerski. It worked.