How to use JDBC as input for OpenSearch

Hi all. Can anyone tell me if logstash-output-opensearch supports JDBC as input? If not, is there any way to send database data directly to OpenSearch?

I am switching from Elastic Stack to OpenSearch. The Elastic Stack version of Logstash did support JDBC as an input. I’m looking for the same capability.

Thank you!



Can I use BOTH a JDBC input and a normal (log) file input in the same logstash.conf file? If it’s legal, would it still be stupid?

Hi @McJava1967 ,

I have just done a few tests in my lab. It works with JDBC as an input and OpenSearch as an output.

Do you use Filebeat for your file input, or is it Logstash file input?

I’m using the OpenSearch version of Logstash: logstash-oss-with-opensearch-output-plugin:8.9.0

Could you share your logstash.conf , logstash.yml and pipelines.yml files ?

I haven’t actually tried yet to implement both JDBC and normal logs. So I don’t have anything to show in the config files.


As per the documentation, input can receive events like logs from multiple sources simultaneously. So, using JDBC and file inputs should work.

Thank you, Eugene7. I’ll give it a shot then!