How to know which version confluentinc-kafka-connect-elasticsearch compatible with OpenSearch 1.2.4?

I am trying to deploy confluentinc-kafka-connect-elasticsearch, however, I got error

Connector version 11.1.8 is not compatible with Elasticsearch version 1.2.4. Elasticsearch version must be at least 7.0.0.

I tried to find a version compatibility table online, but didn’t find.
I am wondering how to find which version is compatible with OpenSearch 1.2.4? Thanks!

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I am having same error with different version. Looks like its just a version check which is now 1.1 instead of 7.x. Is there any way in OpenSearch to respond with last compatible elastic version?


You may need to configure the compatibility setting [1], so the connector would get the recognizable version:

PUT _cluster/settings
  "persistent": {
    "compatibility": {
      "override_main_response_version": true

[1] Moving from open source Elasticsearch to OpenSearch · OpenSearch

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