How to generate metadata from opensearch for SAML

I am not able to find elasticsearch-saml-metadata as we have elasticsearch what is the option in opensearch

@rhtbansal What is your IDP?

azure AD is the idp which we are asked to configure

@rhtbansal To configure SAML authentication you’ll need to use config.idp.metadat_url and point to Metadata Url. I think in Azure it is called App Federation Metadata Url.
Alternatively, you can download that file from Azure and use config.idp.metadata_file.

The file name elasticsearch-saml-metadata refers to the metadata file that I’ve described above.

@pablo I was able to do config of meta data and enable SSO using SAML.

But for role_key is there a way to maps the roles at the Kibana level to Email rather than creating app roles in AD and then passing it as SAML attribute.

Without role_key I am only able to login into kibana but no data access is there.

@rhtbansal Yes, just map a user inside the role configuration.

Thanks it worked… :slight_smile: