How to find track_total_hits value for a specific point_in_time (pit_id)?

I was expecting how much total hits is taken snapshot while creating the point in time id


When i create a PIT id for a specific index.
POST /value*/_search/point_in_time?keep_alive=1d

Now I need to slice the result into multiple pages so I need to give a max and id value for that eg:

So in order to find the max value I need total logs count but in PIT I was unable to get to what are the total count of logs it have snapshot for that specific id

I think the max parameter in slice is not the total hit count, it’s just the number of slices, it can be the number of shards of the index.

Yes you are correct, max value represent the number of slices, I am working on pagination so I consider this max value as my page number so if I was able to get total hit count that was present for the specific pit id I can calculate how many slices/pages I need.

So I need to find how can we get the total hit count that was present during the pit id creation

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