How to do health check for Data prepper

Hi guys, recently, my data prepper does not work for “Pipeline [raw-pipeline] - Workers did not terminate in time, forcing termination” (from log of data prepper) silently, I did not detect this case for a few days so that i lost tracing data for these days.

So I want to add live probe for the k8s deployment yaml of data prepper, i have digged for a period of time, and still no luck, i do not know how to perform health check for data prepper, any one who can provide some advice? thanks in advance

Hi @wwwlll2001,

I’ve posted updates for these on the GitHub.
Issue #1313 . [BUG] Pipeline [raw-pipeline] - Workers did not terminate in time, forcing termination
Issue #1314 . Kubernetes deployment readiness probe and liveness probe


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