How to connect Dashboard through a SSH tunnel?

Versions Dashboard 2.11.0 on Windows 10

Describe the issue:
I need to connect Dashboard through a tunnel SSH (or Jump Host or Bastion).

Dashboard on win10 => jump Host ( => host with OpenSearch DB ( 9200)
Windows PC => tunnel_user@ => db_user@

Using a SSH key. Path = F:\key_ssh\id_ed25519

I think it’s by configuring the opensearch_dashboards.yml on this line, but how?

opensearch.hosts: [htttps://localhost:9200] (add a “t” to avoid link creation)

Thanks in advance,


@Nash I think you should create a network routing rule inside the OpenSearch Dashboards host that would redirect the traffic to through the tunnel.


I’ve already config the host .ssh for easy SSH tunneling to the target machine.

But how to do this for only Dashboard (I don’t want all host network passing through the tunnel).

@Nash I’m not an expert in SSH tunneling but I think you can use specific CIDR in the routing rules i.e.

Is it possible to configure server address and port in opensearch_dashboards.yml ?