How to check OpenSearch cluster status properly

Versions: OSS 2.8.0, Debian 10

Describe the issue:

I’m using the guide Cluster health.

If I try the example command

GET _cluster/health

I’ll get:

Can't connect to _cluster:80 (Name or service not known)

Name or service not known at /usr/share/perl5/LWP/Protocol/ line 50

And I have the same issue for other GET commands.

The port 80 was opened on UFW.

Maybe I ought to install additional PERL packages? Or use the curl command?

Is it possible to use a cluster name instead of _cluster
Configuration: the-os-cluster /the-os-data
path.logs: /var/log/opensearch os-cluster.local
transport.bind_host: [_site_]
transport.compress: true
http.bind_host: [_local_]
http.port: 9201
http.compression: true
http.compression_level: 1 true
bootstrap.memory_lock: true
node.roles: ["cluster_manager", "data", "ingest"]
discovery.type: single-node
prometheus.metric_name.prefix: "opensearch_"

Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

Hi @ilya-shmel

Could you share your opensearch.yml file? Also, where did you execute the folllowing command?

GET _cluster/health

@Eugene7, I’ve posted my config in the Configuration section. I’m trying to execute commands on the master node os-cluster.local. There’s single-node configuration.

Have you tried to set http.bind_host: ?

Please try to execute the following command:

curl -XGET http://localhost:9201/_cluster/health?pretty

@Eugene7 , yes, the curl command works perfect.

I didn’t edited OSS config, because it generated by other Platform.

@ilya-shmel Do you have permission to change configurations in the opensearch.yml file?