How to assign the global and private tenant into two different user

Hello Everyone,

Can some one answer for below questions:

I have created two roles with name RoleA, RoleB…(Elastic search version - 7.1)

Question 1: I want to map Global tenant for RoleA only , will that be possible?

Question 2: Is it possible to disable Global tenant for all roles via rest api call with using dev tools, if yes please share the sample request body to do this task.

your help highly appreciated …!

Hi , any one there ?

Regarding question one, this mapping can be done via UI, giving the user kibanauser backend role and disabling private tenant via entry in kibana.yml:
opendistro_security.multitenancy.tenants.enable_private: false

Regarding second question, I am not aware of such API, to the best of my knowledge instead of mapping users to kibana_role (which gives access to global_tenant) you would need to map every user to a new role which only has access to required tenants.
Hope this helps