How can I use ISM to delete on index-pattern-size?

This page: Redirecting…
Suggests that I can use conditions to decide when to delete an index.
But the algorithm I really want is to delete oldest index until the index-pattern is under the cap.
As far as I can tell, I can only do delete based on the attributes of the index – not the attributes of the index pattern.

If the index is generated at fixed interval, like one log a day. I think maybe cron in conditions satisfy your need to delete oldest index.

Yeah, it seems only age, doc_count and size can be evaluated as condition. I am also curious what is the attribute of index pattern you are referring to?

I have space constraints.
The attribute that I’m looking at is size of index pattern.
I do realize that inspecting the size of the index pattern only by size has some problems (the size may temporarily be larger during a merge). That said, I’d start with

GET my-index*/_stats/store to get the total size
then use
GET _cat/indices/my-index* to get the size of each index
then remove the oldest index in the pattern until the total size is less than the allowed max size

Are there any updates on this issue? I’m stuck with the same situation. Our team wants to set condition based on size of aggregate(sum) of indices, not on size of single index.