How can I know which node execute the certain operation?

I have a cluster with following setup:
3 master nodes
3 data nodes,
and I have defined a policy that moves index into a read_only state after one day and then deletes it after a set period of 3 days.
After one day, the index automatic moved to read_only, but how can I know which node triggers the operation? It’s triggered by master node or data node?

Hey @stone_xy, we don’t explicitly keep track of that in the metadata or history. It should be in the logs though as every time we execute one of the actions we log a message preceding the execution. If you’re on one of the later versions it should look like Executing set_read_only for <INDEX_NAME>. This assumes you’re running ODFE; if you’re on the service the logs would not be available. That being said with your cluster setup it would be one of the 3 data nodes. The jobs are executed on nodes that contain shards of the index management config index which is where the jobs are stored.

What is the use case for knowing which node executed it? We could always add the node id to the history document if needed.