HighHeapUsageClusterRCA - 404 not found

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser): Ubuntu 20.04, Opensearch 2.2.0 1 Cluster with 3 nodes.
Describe the issue:

First I tried GET metrics?metrics=Latency,CPU_Utilization&agg=avg,max&dim=ShardID&nodes=all Unfortunately records field is empty

GET http://os-dev.com:9600/_plugins/_performanceanalyzer/metrics?metrics=Latency,CPU_Utilization&agg=avg,max&dim=ShardID&nodes=all

    "local": {
        "timestamp": 1671444700000,
        "data": {
            "fields": [
                    "name": "ShardID",
                    "type": "VARCHAR"
                    "name": "Latency",
                    "type": "DOUBLE"
                    "name": "CPU_Utilization",
                    "type": "DOUBLE"
            "records": []

RCA get is not working and I am getting 404.


<h1>404 Not Found</h1>No context found for request

This one is working fine

GET http://os-dev.com:9600/_plugins/_performanceanalyzer/metrics/units

Do you have any hints what could you be wrong?


GET https://os-dev.com:9200/_plugins/_performanceanalyzer/config

    "performanceAnalyzerEnabled": true,
    "rcaEnabled": true,
    "loggingEnabled": false,
    "shardsPerCollection": 0,
    "batchMetricsEnabled": true,
    "threadContentionMonitoringEnabled": false,
    "batchMetricsRetentionPeriodMinutes": 7
# ======================== OpenSearch performance analyzer plugin config =========================

# NOTE: this is an example for Linux. Please modify the config accordingly if you are using it under other OS.
webservice-bind-host =
# Metrics data location
metrics-location = /data/opensearch/logs/performanceanalyzer/

# Metrics deletion interval (minutes) for metrics data.
# Interval should be between 1 to 60.
metrics-deletion-interval = 1

# If set to true, the system cleans up the files behind it. So at any point, we should expect only 2
# metrics-db-file-prefix-path files. If set to false, no files are cleaned up. This can be useful, if you are archiving
# the files and wouldn't like for them to be cleaned up.
cleanup-metrics-db-files = true

# WebService exposed by App's port
webservice-listener-port = 9600

# Port for RPC Communication
rpc-port = 9650

# Metric DB File Prefix Path location
metrics-db-file-prefix-path = /tmp/metricsdb_

https-enabled = false

# Setup the correct path for server certificates
certificate-file-path = specify_path
private-key-file-path = specify_path
#trusted-cas-file-path = specify_path

# Setup the correct path for client certificates (by default, the client will just use the server certificates)
#client-certificate-file-path = specify_path
#client-private-key-file-path = specify_path
#client-trusted-cas-file-path = specify_path

# WebService bind host; default only to local interface
#webservice-bind-host =

# Plugin Stats Metadata file name, expected to be in the same location
plugin-stats-metadata = plugin-stats-metadata

# Agent Stats Metadata file name, expected to be in the same location
agent-stats-metadata = agent-stats-metadata

Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

There is nothing in the logs.