Haystack on Tour – a free half-day search event in Paris with Adelean & OSC

Join OpenSource Connections, founders of the Haystack search relevance conference, and Paris-based search engine tech experts Adelean for an afternoon of search enlightenment – learn how to build great data-driven search experiences, find out how leading French companies run their search and look forward to the future of search powered by vectors and machine learning.

Search experts René Kriegler & Charlie Hull from OpenSource Connections and Lucian Precup & Aline Paponaud from Adelean draw on their multiple decades of experience working with some of the world’s most innovative companies to teach you how you create and tune powerful and accurate search engines. We’ll consider the core challenges of search, how to measure search quality, what tools and techniques are available and draw on many client case studies to show you how others have improved search for their users. We’ll also look at how vector search may change the game and tell you what you need to know about this growing trend.

This will be a free event, hosted by Station F, the world’s biggest startup campus and sponsored by Adelean and OpenSource Connections GmbH. The event is aimed at search product owners, search relevance engineers, data scientists & machine learning engineers working on search applications.

Registration is open from 9.30 am Paris time, the event will run from 10am-2pm and a light lunch will be provided.

Register with Station F for the event here.


Thanks for letting the community know @CharlieOSC - this sounds like a great event!