Having trouble with permissions

Hey everyone! First time on the forum so take it easy on me lol. I am currently installing the 1.3 tarball in a security environment. I am having quite a bit of permission issues and I am unable to run opensearch and dashboards. This is the minimal distribution. With elastic and kibana i know that they needed to be the owner of the directory, but I was not sure about permissions with Opensearch.

When running dashboards (not root)
I get a FATAL Error: unable to write OpenSearch Dashboards UUID file. This is not present in the default yml. It says that I need sufficient permissions. I am on my account.

The opensearch error I receive is
Could not find java in bundled jdk at /opt/opensearch/opensearch-1.3.0/jdk/bin/java

The permissions issue appears to be at the bin directory above.

Any help appreciated!

I would check that the user which is running your dashboards service is able to read /opt/opensearch, recursively.