General guidelines, best practices, etc. guide?

most programming languages have a style guide (how to name things, etc.). often there’s also a general best practices guide on how to write idiomatic code on said language.

while opensearch isn’t a programming language i believe a lot of these questions are still relevant.
e.g. how you name things (separate thread to focus on the actual question, this here is the more general “do we want/have something like this?”):

or how you do various things in an idiomatic way, e.g. best practices for operations, monitoring, scaling, security, etc.

i’m not aware of any such guide existing for elasticsearch/opensearch. there are some recommendations / how-tos from elastic, but they only cover parts: General recommendations | Elasticsearch Guide [7.10] | Elastic

note: i do not have the answers, i only have the questions - i’m still relatively new to all of this :wink:

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Good call out. I’ll add that database software typically does have style guides or best practices for things like naming. While it’s debatable that OpenSearch falls into the database category, I think looking at how other database software handles these questions might give guidance on how to structure something similar for OpenSearch.