Fluentbit not connecting to elasticsearch cluster running in Kubernetes


I have deployed opensdistro for elastiseach on kubernetes using the helm charts with standard configs .I am now deploying fluentbit in kubernetes using the following configs . However I am getting the follow errror
Just wondering if I am missing anything on the configs . I feel this is something related to security however not sure what additional configs are required .

` output-elasticsearch.conf: |
    Name            es
    Match           *
    Host            ${FLUENT_ELASTICSEARCH_HOST}
    Port            ${FLUENT_ELASTICSEARCH_PORT}
    Logstash_Format On
    Replace_Dots    On
    Retry_Limit     False`

Error :

[2020/06/26 23:07:58] [ warn] [engine] failed to flush chunk '1-1593201658.5785179.flb', retry in 1420 seconds: task_id=39, input=tail.0 > output=es.0
[2020/06/26 23:07:58] [error] [http_client] broken connection to opendistro-es-client-service:9200 ?
[2020/06/26 23:07:58] [ warn] [out_es] http_do=-1 URI=/_bulk
[2020/06/26 23:07:58] [ warn] [engine] failed to flush chunk '1-1593202033.5107906.flb', retry in 1379 seconds: task_id=428, input=tail.0 > output=es.0


Since fluentbit does not have a Cache built in, its recommended to add fluentd to your stack.

Just to confirm, their in the same namespace? you dont have it, elasticsearch in 1 namespace and fluentbit in another?

Services can not communicate across namespace unless using the full qualified DNS name.

Can you please clarify?