Filebeat OSS 7.8.0 xpack error

Hi …

I’m using Filebeat OSS 7.8.0 with my opendistro cluster, but after execution of filebeat i have this error bellow.

This is reported as ERROR:
[2020-07-23T14:24:32,582][ERROR][c.a.o.s.f.OpenDistroSecurityFilter] [node-master-01] Unexpected exception [_xpack] InvalidIndexNameException[Invalid index name [xpack], must not start with '‘.]
org.elasticsearch.indices.InvalidIndexNameException: Invalid index name [xpack], must not start with '’.
This reported as WARN.
[2020-07-23T14:24:32,586][WARN ][r.suppressed ] [node-master-01] path: /_xpack, params: {index=_xpack}
org.elasticsearch.ElasticsearchSecurityException: Unexpected exception indices:admin/get

This error and warn is normal?
Is possible resolve this, i put on yml conf the option:

X-Pack Monitoring

monitoring.enabled: false

But not works…
Some can help?


Do you have your whole config, one thing that people miss is disabling ilm in beats.

hi @tony

you are correct, using the param setup.ilm.enabled: false works fine…

thanks /o/