Extract data key and value wise


We are working on one project and need to work on as below :

  1. We will give 1000 of image to system

  2. That image will have printed text.

3, And we want to find particular text from that images, we are sure that Elastic search can read the text and can find match images.

  1. But the issue is we need the data as “Key” and “Value”. For example if user search based field having particular value like Name : Steve and Age : 33. We should show user only image which text content Name = Steve and Age = 33 (NOT image which text content address = “Steve Appartment” or Building No : 33) but at this moment it is showing where ever content Steve appear.

  2. We have also understand that if at the time ingesting data if we give JSon data where field is “Name” and then value, we can have query based on field but it is not possible for us as the Image don’t have structured data content. It has long text as 40 Line and we want to have fetch exact field and it’s value.

Thanks in advance …