Escape character while connecting with Elastic Search


In our cluster, the Elastic Search version is 7.6.1 and security is enabled using OpenDistro (please refer ) of a compatible OD version of 1.6 and backup is also enabled for the cluster. I have been trying to connect with ES server with following command:-

curl --max-time 50 --connect-timeout 50 --insecure -X GET -u uname:pwd “https://es-data-fqdn:9200/_cat/snapshots/back-up-repo-name?h=snapshot,status,start_time,end_time,duration,indices,successful_shards,failed_shards,total_shards&format=json

If pwd in above command contains special characters, we need to escape it. Can you please tell which special characters we need to escape for it?

Thanks for your help.