Error writing entry 'NOT_INITIALIZED'. Cause /dev/shm/performanceanalyzer/xxxxx.tmp

Hi everyone!

Just wondering if you guys have come across any errors in your elasticsearch log files around Performance Analyzer? Or at least have any idea why this is occurring? I did a fresh install of ODFE using RPM, and have tweaked some config here and there but noticed this error early on when tailing one of my main els log files.

I am consistently receiving the following error in my els log file (marked in red):
“Error writing entry 'NOT_INITIALIZED”. Cause: /dev/shm/performanceanalyzer/xxxx.tmp

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! If you think I need to provide any further information, please let me know :slight_smile:

Hello, qwerty.

I’m facing the same issue. Just to give more context. My server is a CentOS 8 hardened following the CIS benchmarks. I use OpenDistro for Wazuh.

Any information on this issue would be appreciated.