Enabling rollover index automatically for 20 indices at atime

Hello everyone,
I would like to know how I can enable rollover_index,
as per the requirement ODelastisearch need aliases to be defined for rollover,
my use case:

we use fluentd to send logs to ODelastisearch and currently there is no configuration is enabled to define aliases and enable rollover index from fluentd.

as I would like define a ISM policy to rollover a index after certain conditions are met,
we have like 20 new indices generated daily and i would like to apply this rollover policy to each and every index and dynamically map aliases to new indices,

did anyone achieved the same thing already?
if so could you guide me to do the same?

these are the plugins we are using
- fluent-plugin-rewrite-tag-filter
- fluent-plugin-dedot_filter

this is our fluentd config

logstash_format true
logstash_prefix logstash-${record['kubernetes']['namespace_name']}-${record['kubernetes']['container_name']}
logstash_dateformat %Y.%m.

can you guys let me know what things need to be added and how can I configure this
Thank you