ElasticSearch exposes any Indexing Lag Metric or KPI?

Hi All,

We want ElasticSearch to make our DynamoDB data searchable.
To that end, we are using DynamoDB Streams with Lambda for ElasticSearch integration.

Now as our Lambda starts sending more data to ElasticSearch for Indexing and the Backlog of data to be indexed starts increasing, does ElasticSearch expose an Indexing Lag Metric or KPI ? Would be good to know if such an KPI exists, as we would love to increase our Cluster Capacity. if the Indexing Lag exceeds beyond the thresholds that we define, we would like to be notified via CloudWatch Alarms.

So does such an KPI exist ?

Thanks and Regards,

If you are using bulk indexing methods you can look at the bulk threadpools and some of the other threadpools to see what needs to be adjusted on the cluster to improve indexing.