Documentation for usage and development of benchmarks

Hi Folks,

I may have missed this somewhere in the github repo but I can’t seem to find any detailed documentation on the usage of OS Benchmark. Looking at the code it’s clear this is a port of ESRally but it has some subtle differences. Is there any detailed documentation for Benchmark equivalent to stuff this

These docs outline all operations, CLI args & usage, creating your own track/workloads, etc. I cannot find anything like this for Benchmark and not sure what all the available commands are without trawling through the code repo which is a little time-consuming. Should folks use ESRally docs for everything not highlighted in the README docs in the repo?

For example, how should I assume the command works to list all workloads in a custom directory. In ESRally it would have been something like the following

list tracks --track-path=~/.rally/custom-benchmarks/tracks/

Any advice is much appreciated.


Hi @mackie1311 - thanks for bringing this suggestion here. I humbly suggest that you go file an issue in the github repo for OpenSearch Benchmark.

This will give everyone a place to +1 and give feedback to the idea. It’s how we grow here - and for what it’s worth, I absolutely agree that the documentation could be easily improved in this department.

You don’t happen to be a technical writer do you? You’re welcome to submit documentation for the good of all. :slight_smile:

I’ll see if I can ask around for you in the meantime.

Hi @nateynate thanks for the response and suggestions. I will raise the issue and see what responses we get. I am a Software Architect by profession and so familiar with writing tech documentation and specs. I’m happy to begin submitting documentation for users of OS Benchmark.

Thanks again!

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