Documentation for new ML features in 2.4

Greetings all,

I appreciate if you point me to the documentation of neural search and ML uploading features introduced in 2.4. I couldn’t find any in the docs website. It will be extremely hard to try these features and understand their boundaries without the documentation.


@asfoorial Thanks for your interest, here is the ML uploading feature (we call it model serving framework) doc Model serving framework - OpenSearch documentation

Welcome to try it and share your feedback/suggestions/bug reports etc, feel free to create issues on GitHub - opensearch-project/ml-commons: ml-commons provides a set of common machine learning algorithms, e.g. k-means, or linear regression, to help developers build ML related features within OpenSearch..

@asfoorial This is the neural search doc: Neural Search plugin - OpenSearch documentation, again welcome to try it and share your feedbacks, you can create issue on GitHub - opensearch-project/neural-search: Plugin that adds dense neural retrieval into the OpenSearch ecosytem