Docker environment variables


Is there any list of existing environment variables and also which ones that are about to get deprecated and when, I just started a small cluster for testing and I set data nodes and master node via environment variable but those are reported to become deprecated but no information on how to configure that without the variables in docker anywhere.

I am now looking to deploy a cluster with multi tier storage and controlled ingress and master nodes but as dockers on 5 servers. Since this will be managing syslogs that we intend to store for 2 years so it would be good to only use environment variables and how to configure the other things without them.


Hi @Jan !

Any of the settings on OpenSearch should be configurable via the environment - you can get a list of all configuration variables possible by making this call:

GET _cluster/settings?include_defaults=true

When setting your environment variables, they take the flattened form like node.ingest or for example.

I haven’t heard anything regarding whether the OpenSearch Project will also deprecate some of those settings, but I do know that Opensearch Dashboards restricts some of the environment variables you can use. I’ll see if I can find a list for you.


Hi Nate,

Thanks for the info, regarding the deprecation it came from the logs while starting up the containers that stated they would become that. Might have been a remain from old elastic maybe?