Docker container as development environment?

Hello All,

I would like to hear from anyone in the community who is using Docker directly as a development environment for OpenSearch, Dashboards, and plugins (Observability, etc)

I am meaning, you have a docker-compose.yml, that has build directives pointing to the relevant Dockerfile of each component. You have mapped-volumes from local-host git repo clones into the containers. You maybe have altered the Dockerfile locally, or have endpoint/command directives that change the container run in some way that it builds/re-builds the project on every run.
You have “nothing” installed on the local host besides Docker/DockerDesktop.

If you have or know of prior-art of this type, we’d love to hear about it!

Kindest Regards,
Peter Fitzgibbons - AWS OpenSearch

We do use for development but it is a fairly simple setup. Environment is: W10,W11 with docker desktop installed. The docker-compose file is a fine tuned version of the example from the documentation that adds data persistence, ssl between nodes and then we front end it with nginx. This is representative of our production environment. Once it is up, we have some code to create the index and push a sample set of data through the REST api. So each developer gets their own instance on their machine to hammer away at. Much simpler for the developers to use this than attaching to our internal test infrastructure. If you are interested in the files, let me know. I am happy to share.

This is terriffic! If you could share your files, that would be great! If you need a direct link, plz email me at


I sent you email with the yml.