Display pass/fail/success rate for individual tests in OpenSearch dashboard

Hello :wave: ,

we use OpenSearch to collect data from upstream testing of OpenStack. We use it to store the results of individual tests from our jobs. We have an index with documents. Each document contains among others the following values:

  • test_name (name of the test)
  • test_result (either “success”, “fail” or “skip”)

I managed to create a “Data Table” visualization that would display how many times each test passed, failed or was skipped but I am really lost when it comes to turning the values into percentages.

What we would like to have is a table that would contain the following values in each row:

PERCENTAGE_SUCCES = #(how many times test_result==“success” for TEST_NAME in the index) / #(number of occurrences of TEST_NAME in the index)

Is something like that even possible in the OpenSearch dashboard? I know that I would be able to put together a query with a bit of effort to obtain such information from the index but I am not sure how to create the visualization.

I would be really grateful for any hint:).